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File:UNAIDS building Geneva, Switzerland.JPG|thumb|The UNAIDS building in Geneva, Switzerland, with the Jura Mountains in the background. The '''Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS''' ('''UNAIDS''') is the main advocate for accelerated, comprehensive and coordinated global action on the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The mission of UNAIDS is to lead, strengthen and support an expanded response to HIV and AIDS that includes preventing transmission of HIV, providing care and support to those already living with the virus, reducing the vulnerability of individuals and communities to HIV and alleviating the impact of the epidemic. UNAIDS seeks to prevent the HIV/AIDS epidemic from becoming a severe pandemic. UNAIDS has five goals: # Leadership and advocacy for effective action on the epidemic; # Strategic information and technical support to guide efforts against AIDS worldwide ; # Tracking, monitoring and evaluation of the epidemic and of responses to it ; #...
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